Boost Your Online Marketing With A PPC Management Agency

Paid Search Advertising Built For Your Business

As a PPC services agency, we can’t plug in the same marketing plan for every business because it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. With evolving consumer behaviors, worldwide events, industry tendencies, and other influencing factors, every business needs a unique strategy behind its paid search advertising.

Does Your Business Provide A Service Or Sell Products?

Depending on the type of business you run, we develop custom paid search advertising strategies that can penetrate the competitive online market you are up against. We can help you place your PPC ads on search engines. Whether you need PPC management for ecommerce or hiring a lead generation marketing agency, we can help.

Lead Gen

Generate qualified leads using the many features and ad formats search networks offer. Our lead generation marketing agency can position ads in front of audiences looking for your services



Showcase your products through dynamic shopping advertising, including Microsoft and Google Ads. Our PPC management for eCommerce can target and engage your business with high-intent buyers online.


Your ADS Across Search Networks

Our PPC management agency positions your business on Google and Microsoft networks through Search, Shopping, Display, Remarketing campaigns, and more. Our paid search advertising agency leverages many years of experience and benchmark data to deliver the results your business needs.

Here are the Key Points Behind Our Methodology In PPC Advertising Management:


  • Existing Campaigns
  • Site & Services/Products Analysis
  • Business Goals & Objectives
  • Tracking & MarTech
  • Other Marketing Efforts


  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Research (Includes Neg. Kwd)
  • Industry Market Trends & Consumer Behavior
  • Strategy Development & Creation


  • KPI Setup
  • Campaign Structure
  • Feed Clean Up
  • Tech Onboarding
  • Tracking Installation


  • Search Query Analysis
  • Negative Keywords
  • Ad Copy & Landing Page A/B Testing
  • Device Performance
  • Bid & Feed Optimization


  • Performance Forecasting
  • Attribution Models
  • Deep Dive & Analytical Digest
  • Campaign Results
  • Next Steps


  • New Channels & Networks
  • Marketing Budget Review
  • Campaign Structure
  • New Campaign Testing & Targeting Criteria
  • Review of Strategy Enhancements

Why Hire White Shark Media As Your PPC Services Agency

Work With Experts Dedicated To Your Business

Our paid search advertising agency has the experience, know-how, and ongoing learning to tackle online market challenges and meet business objectives across various industries, including yours.


Years of experience



Accounts managed across
dynamic marketing platforms:


In media spend


A Team Of Digital Marketing Experts For Each Account:

Digital Marketing Manager

Strategic Account Manager

Digital Marketing Strategist

Tracking Specialist

and more

Martech That Powers Advertising Success

White Shark Media’s blueprint for digital marketing success is not just made up of advertising experts but enhanced through a unique mix of tools and software.

Many moving pieces that deliver exceptional online marketing through our management include:

Data Feed Watch

A reporting tool that provides simplified and accurate online data with insights into your cross-platform campaign performance to help feed into your monthly reports, optimization efforts, and marketing strategy opportunities.

Straightforward Pricing, No Hidden Fees

Just like we keep our strategies, our management costs are to the point and match the cost-effectiveness your business seeks.

Paid Search In Action Through Custom Strategies


The Challenge

Norwall Power Systems, a client specializing in selling emergency backup power generators and associated equipment, came to White Shark Media while looking for a PPC Management Agency to increase traffic and sales. With experienced Google and Microsoft Ads management, our PPC services agency identified opportunities, improved traffic quality, and re-engaged previous visitors to provide another revenue channel.

The Strategy

  • Change of the attribution model
  • Implementation of automated bidding strategies
  • Use of ad customizers, if-functions, and ad variations
  • Enabling new re-marketing audience segments
  • Upgrade of tracking tools and settings
  • Supplementing the marketing efforts with Microsoft Ads

The Results


Increase in ROAS



Decrease in CPA



Increase in Transactions


What this Business Has To Say

I am happy with the way you work! I have had nothing but a great experience. White Shark Media is evolving in reporting, and I can keep learning and understanding what’s going on with my account through an innovative performance dashboard.” ”



Norwall PowerSystems